14.09.2014 | By Editor

We want to expand and spread the knowledge regarding the Visegrad+ countries by publishing 25 papers on V4+ cooperation.


The papers should focus on one of the following issues:

– Polish foreign policy towards the Visegrad Group and V4 countries

– V4 countries policies towards the Russian Federation

– V4 countries policies towards Ukraine

– V4 countries policies towards Moldova

– V4 countries policies towards Western Balkans region

– V4 countries policies towards China

– Conflicts and tensions between V4 countries

– ‘Uploading’ V4 countries preferences in European policy

– V4 countries co-operation at the European Union level

– V4 countries co-operation in energy policy

– V4 countries co-operation in defence policy

– V4 countries co-operation in transport policies

– The cross-border cooperation between rail operators in V4 countries

– V4 countries co-operation on Common Agricultural Policy

– V4 countries co-operation on incoming tourism promotion

– Regional cross-border co-operation in V4 countries

– City-twinning and local level cross-border co-operation in V4 countries

– Innovation policies in V4 countries

– Research and development policies in V4 countries

– The effectiveness of secondary education policies in V4 countries

– The effectiveness of tertiary education policies in V4 countries

– The co-operation between universities in V4 countries



The papers should not exceed 22 000 characters (approx. 3000 words) and should be analytical and preferably policy-oriented. The papers will be published on the portal www.visegradplus.org, and selected papers will be published as an academic book in 2014/2015. The authors will be remunerated with EUR 100 per analysis.


The authors will be selected based on the abstracts (1500-2000 characters) to be sent by 5th November to the address papers@visegradplus.org as a .doc(s) file attachment and sent together with a short note about the author. The selected authors will be informed by 10th November and the final versions of the papers will be due by 23rd November.


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image: Kroton