Balcans in shock after attack on Vucic in Srebrenica

13.07.2015 | By Łukasz Kołtuniak

The crazy (or fanatic) people have attacked Serbian prime minister Alaksandr Vucic during the commemoration of the Srebrenica crime from 1995. The people are shouting „Allah Akbar” and „Vucic out”.

According to the Serbian side the attempt  murdered of   Vucic prime minister was an attack on the whole process of Balcan’s reconcilliation and peaceful politics of the Serbian government. Serbia expected that the people responsible for the attack will be decidedly punish by the Bosnia government.

The more right-wing Serbian president Tomislav Nikolic sharply said the attack show the complicated relations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the hostile attitude to Serbian nation in this country. The attack is similar to the unfamous incident in 1992 and attack on Serbian wedding which was one of the most important reason of the Balcans war outbreak.

            Bosnian government sharply condemn the attack. We decidedly condemn that attack that caused danger for the Balcans process of reconcilliation. It was great event that Serbian prime minister participated in the commemoration and we very apologized the Serbian side for this incident.


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