Reports overview

Reports overview: UMV- China – opportunity for Central and Eastern Europe

02.03.2015 | By Łukasz Kołtuniak

International Competitiveness in Visegrad Countries: Macro and Micro Perspectives

11.11.2014 | By Vera-Karin Brazova

The Roma myth: how much does Slovakia spend on Roma citizens

10.11.2014 | By Matúš Kontšek

OSW: Shale gas in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Romania. Political context – legal status – outlook

07.11.2014 | By Bartosz Bieliszczuk

André Liebich: How different is the “New Europe”? Perspectives on states and minorities

05.11.2014 | By Michał Manin

DGAP: German Foreign Policy toward the Visegrad Countries. Patterns of Integration in Central Europe

04.11.2014 | By Michał Manin

Csaba Moldicz: “A New Political Economy of Central Europe”

20.10.2014 | By Kristina Tetianec

OSW: “Closing the gap? Military co-operation from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea”

09.10.2014 | By Łukasz Kołtuniak

‘Russia’s Role in the Balkans – Cause for Concern?’ by David Clarck and Andrew Foxall, The Russia Studies Centre at The Henry Jackson Society

21.09.2014 | By Nevena Stokanic, Jagoda Stępniewska, Petar Bankov

In a State of Necessity. How has Orbán changed Hungary

18.09.2014 | By Maria Beresova