Orbico d.o.o.


Description/Commercial activities: „Orbico Group is the leading distributor for a large number of quality globally known brands ranging from beauty care products through food and non food products, technical and electrical appliances to pharmaceuticals, toys, textile, cigarettes as well as motor oil products. It owns companies in 17 different countries, most of which are 100% owned by Orbico Group.

Full name: Orbico Group

Abbreviation: Orbico

Founded: 1998

Headquarters:  Zagreb, Croatia

Industry:  whole sale retail and logistical services

Key people (CEO): Branko Roglić

Share holders:

Market capitalization:

Trade volume:

Revenue: 2, 316 million HRK (2013)

Income: 10 million HRK (2013)

Employees:  477

Official website: http://www.orbico.hr/

Recent financial data: http://rgfi.fina.hr/IzvjestajiRGFI.web/main/home.jsp

Sources: http://rgfi.fina.hr/IzvjestajiRGFI.web/main/home.jsp