Political system

In Bulgaria communist domination ended in 1990, when Bulgaria held its first multiparty election since World War II and began the contentious process of moving toward political democracy and a market economy while combating inflation, unemployment, corruption, and crime. The country joined NATO in 2004 and the EU in 2007.

Bulgaria is a parliamentary republic and conforms with the Constitution of the Republic passed by the Grand National Assembly in July 1991. The Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria is the supreme law of the country and no other law may contravene it. All international treaties, which are ratified pursuant to the constitutional procedure, are considered part of the domestic legislation.

The National Assembly is a one-chamber parliament. It consists of 240 Members of Parliament who are directly elected every four years. The National Assembly is a permanent acting body, directed by a board of Chairmen including a Chairman of the National Assembly.

The head of the state is the President, who embodies the unity of the nation and represents the Republic of Bulgaria in its international relations. The President of the Republic of Bulgaria is Rosen Plewneliew.

The Council of Ministers is the executive state body and directs the domestic and foreign policy of the country. The government manages the implementation of the state budget, organizes the management of state property and approves or rescinds certain categories of international treaties pointed out in the Constitution.


Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria’ (Grazhdani za evropeisko razvitie na Balgaria, GERB)

Established: 2006 Leader: Boyko Borisov Parliament members (2013-): 97/240 Ideology/program: centre-right. The priority of GERB is fight against crime and...

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Bulgarian Socialist Party (Balgarska Socialisticheska Partia, BSP)

Established: 1990 Leader: Mihail Mikov Parliament members: 84/240 (as Coalition for Bulgaria) Ideology/program: Democratic socialism, Pro-Europeanism Political group in EP:...

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Movement for Rights and Freedoms (Dvizhednie za Prava i Svobodi, DPS)

Established: 1990 Leader: Lyutvi Mestan Parliament members: 36/240 Ideology/program: centre-left. The party represents interests of Muslims in the country, but...

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“Attack” (Ataka)

Established: 2005 Leader: Volen Siderov Parliament members: 23/240 Ideology/program: nationalistic, populist and Euro-sceptic Political group in EP: non-attached, former member...

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Bulgaria Without Censorship (Balgaria Bez Cenzura, BBC)

Established: 2014 Leader: Nikolay Barekov Ideology/program: fight against corruption, decentralization of regional power, cancellation of flat tax, social inclusion and...

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Reformist Bloc (Reformatorski Bloc, RB)

Established: 2013 Leader: Radan Kanev Ideology/program: creation of energy union in Europe, diversification of gas resources and reduction of dependence...

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National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria (Nacionalen Front za Spasenie na Balgaria, NFSB)

Established: 2011 Leader: Valeri Simeonov, Valentin Kasabov, Dancho Hadzhiev Ideology/program: nationalistic, Euro-sceptic Political group in EP: non-attached Election results: -...

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Alternative for Bulgarian Revival (Alternativa za Balgarsko Vazrazhdane, ABV)

Established: 2014 Leader: Georgi Parvanov Ideology/program: integration with EU, fight with economic crisis and building a modern Bulgarian economy, reforms...

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Latest polls

32.67%% GERB
15.4%% BSP
14.84%% DPS
8.89%% RB
7.28%% Patriotic Front (IMRO + NFSB)

Macroeconomic data

  • GDP Q/Q:
    • 2013 Q4: 0.7%
    • 2014 Q1: 0.2%
    • 2014 Q2: 0.5%
  • GDP/Capita:
    • 2011: 15149.91 USD
    • 2012: 15521.82 USD
    • 2013: 15705.81 USD
    • 2014: 15935.89 USD
  • Inflation Rate (Y/Y):
    • June 2014: -1.9%
    • July 2014: -1.0%
    • August 2014: -0.6%
    • September 2014: -0.8%
  • Budget deficit:
    • 2010: 4.3%
    • 2011: 3.1%
    • 2012: 2%
    • 2013: 0.8%
    • 2014: 1.5%
  • Public debt:
    • 2011: 16.3%
    • 2012: 18.4%
    • 2013: 18.9%
  • Unemployments (monthly):
    • 2012: January 11.4%
    • 2012: July 12.3%
    • 2013: January 12.4%
    • 2013: July 12.9%
    • 2014: January 11.4%
    • 2014: July 11.4%
  • Export netto / GDP:

    2009 – 47.8%

    2010 – 56.7%

    2011 – 66.7%

    2012 – 66.3%

    2013 – 70.1%


Bulgarian National Television (BNT)

Types of Media: Television Founded: 1959 Key people: Vyara Ankova (Director General) Official website: www.bnt.bg   Presently it is national public...

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Types of Media: Television Founded: 2000 Key people: Pavel Stanchev (CEO) Official website: www.btv.bg First nation-wide private television in Bulgaria. It...

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Nova TV

Types of Media: Television   Founded: 1994   Official website: www.novatv.bg Third national television after bTV and BNT. In 2008 Swedish...

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Types of Media: Television   Founded: 2005   Official website: www.tv7.bg The Bulgarian television owned by Alegro Capital Ltd. It...

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Alfa TV

Types of Media: Television   Founded: 2011   Key people: Ani Ilincheva, Valentin Hristov   Official website: www.ataka.tv Bulgarian channel...

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Bulgarian National Radio (BNR)

Types of Media: Radio stations   Founded: 1929 (first Bulgarian radio station) Key people: Radoslav Yankulov (Director) Official website: www.bnr.bg...

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Darik Radio

Types of Media: Radio stations   Founded: 1993 Key people: Radosvet Radev (Director General) Official website: www.darikradio.bg   Bulgarian radio...

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Bulgaria on Air Radio

Types of Media: Radio stations   Founded: 1996 Key people: Viktoria Mitkova (CEO) Official website: www.bgonair.bg/radio   The radio station...

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24 Chasa (24 Hours)

Types of Media: Newspapers   Founded: 1991 Key people: Venelina Gocheva (editor-in-chief) Official website: www.24chasa.bg     One of the...

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Types of Media: Newspapers   Founded: 1993 Key people: Ivo Prokopiev, Theodor Zahov (owners), Stanka Tosheva (editor-in-chief) Official website: www.capital.bg...

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Types of Media: Newspapers   Founded: 1997 Key people: Theodora Peeva (editor-in-chief) Official website: www.segabg.com   “Sega” is a politically...

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Types of Media: Newspapers   Founded: 2012 Key people: Tosho Toshev (editor-in-chief) Official website: www.pressadaily.bg   The daily newspaper published...

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Types of Media: Newspapers   Founded: 1936 Key people: Petyo Blaskov (editor-in-chief, owner of 168Chasa Media Group and “Monitor” daily...

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Types of Media: Newspapers   Founded: 2000 Key people: Valeri Zapryanov, Denka Vasileva, Mitko Sabev, Denis Ershov and Aleksander Melnik...

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Key companies

 Lukoil Neftochim Burgas

Founded: 1960 Industry: Energy Key people: Thommas Mueller (The Chairman of the Supervisory Board) Revenue: 7 639 339 (2013) Employees:...

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Lukoil Bulgaria EOOD

Founded: 1999 Industry: Energy Key people: Valentin Zlatev (Manager General for Bulgaria) Revenue: 3 223 867 (2013) Employees: 3014 (2010)...

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National Electric Company EAD

Founded: 1990 Industry: Energy Key people: Ekaterina Istatkova (CEO) Revenue: 3 013 510 (2013) Employees: 2624 (2010) Important facts: NEC...

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Bulgargaz EAD

Founded: 1963 Industry: Energy Key people: Dafinka Yankova (Executive Director) Revenue: 1,637 billion lv. (in 2011) Employees: 21 000 Important...

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OMV Bulgaria OOD

Founded: 1998 Industry: Energy Key people: Petar Velichkov (CEO) Revenue: 1 793 517 (2013) Employees: 2000 Important facts: Currently it...

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Geostroy AD

Founded: 2005 Industry: Construction Key people: Vladimir Vutov (CEO) Revenue: 111,8 million lv. (in 2012) Employees: 401 (2011) Important facts:...

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SK-13 Holding

Founded: 1997 Industry: Construction Key people: Tsvetanka Nesheva (Director General) Revenue: 117,6 million lv. (in 2012) Employees: 179 Important facts:...

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GlavBalgarStroy (GBS)

Founded: 1969 Industry: Construction Key people: Pavel Kalistratov (CEO) Revenue: 88,4 million leva (2012) Employees: 850 (2010) Important facts: The...

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Mtel EAD (also known as Mobiltel)

Founded: 1994 Industry: Telecommunications Key people: Thanasis Katsiroumpas (CEO) Revenue: 399,4 million leva (2014) Employees: 2391 (2011) Important facts: Mtel...

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Bulgarian Telecommunications Company EAD

Founded: 1992 Industry: Telecommunications Key people: Atanas Dobrev (CEO) Revenue: 811,4 million leva (in 2013) Employees: 3141 (2011) Important facts:...

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Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile (Globul)

Founded: 2001 Industry: Telecommunications Key people: Stein-Erik Vellan (CEO) Revenue: 662 million lv. (in 2013) Employees: about 2200 Important facts:...

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Bulgarian State Railways

Founded: 1885 Industry: Transport Key people: Hristyian Krastev Revenue: 268 064 (2013) Employees: 7966 (2011) Important facts: According to EU...

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Bulgaria Air

Founded: 2002 Industry: Transport Key people: Yanko Georgiev and Hristo Todorov (CEO) Revenue: 315,5 million leva (2012) Employees: 1406 (2011)...

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Founded: 2000 Industry: Transport Key people: Revenue: 260,8 million leva (2013) Employees: 743 (2011) Important facts: The company has been...

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Kaufland Bulgaria EOOD

Founded: 2006 Industry: Retail sales Key people: Revenue: 1 050 000 (2013) Employees: 5753 (2011) Important facts: Kaufland Bulgaria was...

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Aurubis Bulgaria AD

Founded: 50’s Industry: Mining Key people: Georgi Nikolov (Secretary General) Revenue: 4 761 245 (2013) Employees: 779 (2011) Important facts:...

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Bulgartabac Holding Group AD

Founded: 1947 Industry: Tobacco Key people: Ventsislav Cholakov (CEO) Revenue: 600 million leva (2013) Employees: 486 (2011) Important facts: Currently...

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The list of the most influential Bulgarians (in 2013)


1. Tzvetan Vasilev, Corporate Commercial Bank, age 54


2. Ahmed Dogan, Bulgarian politician of Turkish descent, former Chairman of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS), age 59


3. Ivo Kamenov, Marin Mitev and Tihomir Mitev, Chimimport. Public Holding Company, age 44, 56 and 55


4. Sergei Stanishev, Chairman of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), age 47


5. Delyan Peevski, New Bulgarian Media Group Holding, member of the parliament, age 33


6. Tzeko Minev and Ivaylo Mutafchiev, First Investment Bank, age 53 and 51


7. Valentin Zlatev, General Manager of Lukoil Bulgaria Ltd., age 48


8. Boyko Borisov, Chairman of the political party ‘Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria’ (GERB), age 54


9. Rosen Plevenliev, President of the Republic of Bulgaria, age 49


10. Plamen Oresharski, former Prime Minister (2013-2014), age 53


11. Hristo Kovachki, energy tycoon, age 50


12. Volen Siderov, Chairman of the political party “Attack” (Ataka), age 57


13. Sotir Tzatzarov, Public Prosecutor General, age 47


14. Mihail Mikov, Chairman of the Bulgarian parliament, age 53


15. Ian Iskrov, Manager of Bulgarian National Bank, age 46


16. Sasho Dontchev, CEO in Overgas, age 60


17. Atanas Petrov and Anton Shterev, Vinprom Peshtera SA, age 44 and 44


18. Lyutvi Mestan, Chairman of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS), age 52


19. Tzvetlin Yovchev, former Minister of the Foreign Affairs, age 49


20. Ognyan Donev, Sopharma Trading, age 55


21. Vasil Bozhkov, Nove Holding, age 57


22. Grisha Ganchev, President of FC Litex Lovech, age 50


23. Bogomil Manchev, Risk Engineering Ltd., age 55


24. Petur Chobanov, former Minister of Finance, age 37


25. Yordanka Fandukova, mayor of Sofia, age 51


26. Kristalina Georgieva, European Commissioner for International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response, age 60


The list was prepared by Bulgarian edition of Forbes Magazine (forbesbulgaria.bg).