Political system

The Slovak Republic came into existence on January 1, 1993 as one of the successor states of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic. The Constitution guarantees every citizen equality before the law without regard to gender, religion, race, national origin, social status or political conviction.

The political system of the Slovak Republic is a parliamentary democracy (with prime ministership) with autonomous legislative, executive and judicial branches.

The National Council of the Slovak Republic is a unicameral parliament, and under the Constitution is the supreme body exercising legislative power in the Slovak Republic, it is the highest legislative authority of the state. The National Council has 150 members elected for 4-year terms in direct elections with secret ballots. At least 5% of the total vote is needed for a party to enter the Parliament. The system of elections is proportional representation – parties are allotted seats in Parliament in accordance with the percentage of votes they get in the parliamentary elections.

The government consists of ministers selected by the political parties which have formed a coalition (usually more than 75 members of parliament). The Government of the Slovak Republic is the supreme body for exercising executive power. It consists of the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers and Ministers. The Government is formed on the basis of parliamentary elections. The Prime Minister is appointed and recalled by the President of the Slovak Republic. Upon the advice of the Prime Minister, the President appoints and recalls other members of the Government and grants commissions to carry out departmental duties. The Government is collectively responsible to the Parliament for the exercise of governmental powers, which may take a vote of no-confidence at any time.

The President of the Slovak Republic is the highest constitutional representative (Head-of-State) in the country and he/she is elected by direct elections. His function is, however, more formal, the real governmental power is in the hands of Prime Minister and partly in the hands of President of the Parliament (Chairman of the National Council). According to the constitutional law adopted on January 14, 1999 the President is elected to office by popular vote in a two-round election system. The same person can be elected President for a maximum of two consecutive 5-year terms.

The Chairman of the National Council of the Slovak Republic is elected or recalled by secret ballot with the consent of an absolute majority of all members of the Parliament. The Chairman is responsible exclusively to the National Council of the Slovak Republic.

The Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic is an independent judicial body charged with protecting constitutionality in the Slovak Republic. The Court consists of 10 judges appointed by the President for a period of 7 years out of 20 nominees proposed to him by the Parliament. The Court is headed by a President, who is appointed from among the judges of the Constitutional court by the President of the Slovak Republic.



Smer–sociálna demokracia(SMER-SD)

Political parties of the Slovakia Republic Direction – Social Democracy / Smer–sociálna demokracia(SMER-SD)   Leader: Robert Fico Ideology: Social-democracy/ Pro-Europeanism...

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Kresťanskodemokratické hnutie(KDH)

The Christian Democratic Movement / Kresťanskodemokratické hnutie(KDH)   Leader: Ján Figeľ Ideology:  Christian democracy /Social conservatism European Parliament group: The...

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Obyčajní Ľudia a nezávislé osobnosti (OĽaNO)

Ordinary People and Independent Personalities / Obyčajní Ľudia a nezávislé osobnosti (OĽaNO)   Leader: Igor Matovič Ideology: Conservatism/Economic liberalism European...

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MOST-HÍD az együttműködés pártja – strana spolupráce

Most–Híd (Slovak and Hungarian words for "bridge") Leader: Béla Bugár Ideology: Liberal conservatism/ Hungarian minority interests European Parliament group: Group...

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Slovenská demokratická a kresťanská únia – Demokratická strana (SDKÚ-DS)

The Slovak Democratic and Christian Union – Democratic Party Slovenská demokratická a kresťanská únia – Demokratická strana(SDKÚ-DS)   Leader: Pavol...

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Sloboda a Solidarita (SaS)

Freedom and Solidarity/ Sloboda a Solidarita (SaS)   Leader: Richard Sulík Ideology: Liberalism/Euroscepticism European Parliament group: Alliance of Liberals and Democrats...

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The Party of the Hungarian Community

The Party of the Hungarian Community/ Slovak: Strana maďarskej komunity(SMK-MKP) Hungarian:Magyar Közösség Pártja(SMK-MKP)   Leader: József Berényi Ideology: Hungarian minority...

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Slovenská národná strana (SNS)

The Slovak National Party/Slovenská národná strana(SNS)   Leader: Andrej Danko Ideology: Nationalism /Euroscepticism European Parliament group: Europe of Freedom and...

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Nová väčšina (NOVA)

New majority/ Nová väčšina( NOVA)   Leader: Daniel Lipšic Ideology: Liberal conservatism/Christian democracy European Parliament group European Conservatives and Reformists...

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Sieť - Ideology (general): center-right political party   Ideology (EU integration): Euro-realism Leader:  Radoslav Procházka Foundation date: 12 June  2014 Status: Out of...

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Latest polls

37,3 %% SMER-SD
12,4 %% Siet'
9 %% Most-Híd
7,9%% KDH
6,9%% OĽaNO

Macroeconomic data

  • GDP Q/Q:
    • 2013 Q1: 0,6%
    • 2013 Q2: 0,8%
    • 2013 Q3: 0,9%
    • 2013 Q4: 1,5%
    • 2014 Q1: 2,4%
  • GDP/Capita:
    • 2011: 23,700 USD
    • 2012: 24,100 USD
    • 2013: 24,700 USD
  • Inflation Rate (Y/Y):
    • May  2014: 0,1%
    • July 2014: (-) 0,1%
    • August 2014: (-) 0.2%
    • September 2014: 0.1%
  • Budget deficit:
    • 2010:7,5%
    • 2011: 4,8%
    • 2012: 4,5%
    • 2013: 2,8%
  • Public debt:
    • 2011: 41%
    • 2012: 43.6%
    • 2013: 52,7%
  • Unemployments (monthly):
    • 2013: July 14,0%
    • 2013: August 13,7%
    • 2013: September 13,8%
    • 2013: October 13,7%
    • 2013: November 13,5%
    • 2013: December 13,5%
    • 2014: January 13,6%
    • 2014: February 13,5%
    • 2014: March 13,3%
    • 2014: April 13,0%
    • 2014: May 12,8%
    • 2014: June 12,8%
  • Export netto / GDP:
    • 2010: 79.8%
    • 2011 89.4%
    • 2012: 96.0%
    • 2013: 97.6%


Hospodárske noviny

Hospodárske noviny is a daily newspaper focused mainly on the economic issues. It was established in January 1993. It is...

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History of this daily newspapers stretches to September 1920 when Social-democratic Party of Czechoslovakia started to publish weekly magazine Pravda...

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Slovak Spectator

The Slovak Spectator is English-language newspaper. It is published weekly by The Rock, s.r.o. publishing house and covers local news,...

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Slovenský rozhlas

Slovenský rozhlas is part of organization called Rozhlas a televízia Slovenska  (Radio and Television of Slovakia) – RTVS – that...

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Slovo is successor of Nové slovo that was established during the Slovak National Uprising during the World War II. First...

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The daily newspaper is focused mainly on news form home and abroad. It was established in January 1993 and it...

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Rádio a televízia Slovenska

Slovak Television is part of Radio and Television Slovakia (RTVS). It is public television and it was established in July...

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TA3 is a private news channel. It started broadcasting in September 2001. Full name: TA3 Founded: 2001 Owners/shareholders: Grafobal Group,...

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TREND is weekly newspaper focused mainly on economy and business, and it is designated mainly to readers who work within...

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Új Szó

The daily newspaper is devoted for Hungarian minority in Slovakia and it is the only daily in Slovakia published in...

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Key companies


Industry: Aluminium Headquarters: Priemyselna 14, Žiar nad Hronom, Slovakia CEO: Engineer Milan Veselý Share Holders: Hydro Aluminium AS Oslo, Norway.    55.3% ZSNP...

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U. S. Steel Kosice

Industry: Steel Headquarters:  Kosice, Slovakia Senior Vice President: George F. Babcoke Revenue(2013): 2 240 000 000 EUR Employees: 10458 Website...

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Slovenský plynárenský priemysel A.S.

Industry: Energy Headquarters: Bratislava, Slovakia Chairman of the Board of Directors: Daniel Křetínský Share Holders (2013) Slovak National Property Fund   51%...

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Industry:  Oil and Gas Headquarters: Bratislava, Slovakia Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO: Oszkár Világi Share Holders (2013) MOL...

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Transpetrol A.S.

Industry: Oil transportation Headquarters: Bratislava, Slovakia Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO : Ing. Ivan Krivosudský Revenue(2013): 56 853 012 ...

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Industry: Construction Headquarters: Bratislava, Slovakia Chairman of Board of Directors : Juraj Androvič Revenue(2010): 388 227 000 EUR Employees:  291 (December 31st 2010)...

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Slovenská pošta A.S.

Industry: Post Headquarters: Banská Bystrica, Slovakia Chairman of Board of Directors : (2011)Ing. Tomáš Drucker Revenue(2011): 271 287 000 EUR Employees:  14 240...

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Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko A.S. (ZSSK)

Industry: Railway Headquarters: Bratislava, Slovakia Chairman of Board of Directors : Ing. Pavol Gábor Revenue: 112 554 000 EUR Employees:  5 725 Website:

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Slovenské elektrárne A.S.

Industry: Electricity Headquarters: Bratislava, Slovakia Chairman of Board of Directors :  Paolo Ruzzini Revenue: 2 783 339 000 EUR Employees:  4 591 Website:...

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Volkswagen Bratislava, s. r. o.

Industry: Automobile Headquarters: Bratislava, Slovakia Chairman of Board of Directors :  Albrecht Reimold Revenue: 6 500 000 000 EUR Employees:  9 400...

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Industry: IT Headquarters: Bratislava, Slovakia Founder and President : Antony Zajac Revenue: n/d EUR Employees:  ~ 800 Website: Bibliography:

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Tatra Bank

Industry: Financial services Headquarters: Bratislava, Slovakia Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Dr. Herbert Stepic Net interest income:295 889 000 EUR Employees:  ~ 3 500 Website:...

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Slovenská sporiteľňa A.S.

Industry: Financial services Headquarters: Bratislava, Slovakia Chairman of Board of Directors: Jozef Síkela Net interest income: 448 537 000 EUR Employees:...

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The richest Slovaks – Forbes (May 2014)

 Name  Main source of wealth  Age Estimation of Net assets
 1  Andrej Babiš  Agrofert  59  1,54 mld. eur
 2  Ivan Chrenko  HB Reavis Group  45  600 mil. eur
 3  Jaroslav Haščák  Penta  43  480 mil. eur
 4  Tomáš Chrenek  Moravia Steel / Třinecké železárny / Agel  49  440 mil. eur
 5  Martin Kúšik  Penta  43  420 mil. eur
 6  Jozef a Patrik Tkáčovci  J&T  62 a 39  360 mil. eur
7  Ivan Jakabovič  J&T  40  360 mil. eur
 8  Miroslav Trnka  Eset  52  240 mil. eur
 9  Peter Paško  Eset  57  230 mil. eur
 10  Rudolf Hrubý  Eset  59  230 mil. eur
 11  Viliam Pančík  HB Reavis Group  54  200 mil. eur