Croatia announced a new tender for LNG terminal Krk

08.04.2015 | By Bartłomiej Sawicki

The company LNG Croatia has announced a public call of tenders for the project documentation and documentation necessary for obtaining permits for the construction of the LNG terminal Krk.

The call for tenders concerns consultancy services for obtaining the necessary permits and approvals and Front-End Engineering Design(FEED). Deadline for sending of the applications is 13 May 2015. The best bidder will be selected in an open procedure. LNG Croatia will select the most competitive offer. Last December LNG Croatia announced a public call for expressions of interest for the lease of capacity at the future LNG terminal on the island.

The cost of the Croatian LNG terminal is estimated at 600 million euros. The entire project with pipelines, natural gas compressor stations will cost more than a billion euro. Every year the LNG terminal will  receive 4 to 6 billion cubic meters of gas. It should be ready by 2019. In October 2013, the European Commission entered the endeavor on the EU list of Common Interest Projects. Two years ago, the European Commission recognized Croatian LNG terminal as the Project of Common Interest – (PCI). Croatian LNG terminal project is also one of the most important projects for the energy security of Central Europe, including Poland. Last November, the European Commission approved a non-repayable financing of 50 per cent of the costs for the study of the LNG terminal on Krk. European Commission gave 4.9 million euros to develop technical documentation and financing model to construct the terminal.