Gazprom fights of Moldova and cuts gas prices

20.04.2015 | By Bartłomiej Sawicki

According to the Moldovan ministry of economy, the Russian state – owned company Gazprom has cut by about 18% price of gas exports to Moldova in the second quarter of 2015. This year Moldova can also buy gas from Romania

Moldova will pay about 252.5 USD per 1,000 cu m of natural gas imported from Russia, compared to $311 per cu m in the first quarter of this year. The main reason why Gazprom cuts the price of its gas deliveries to Moldova is the average purchase price in Europe and fluctuations of global oil prices.

Moldova has no gas deposits and all gas has so far been imported from Russia. But in March, the country started importing natural gas from Romania. It was the first step for reduce dependence on the Russian gas.During 2015, more than 1 billion cu m of gas will be delivered to Moldova via a cross-border pipeline between Iasi in Romania and Ungheni in Moldova, at a price of 247.5 USD,  per 1,000 cu meters.

In Moldova consumption of gas rose by 1.4% – to 959 million cu m – in 2014.Moldova bought a total of 1.05 billion cu m of natural gas in 2014, up 2.1% on the year.

Picture: Aurelian Sandulesc