Lithuanian National Radio and Television


Full name: Lithuanian National Radio and Television

Abbreviation: LRT

Founded: Lithuanian Radio began its transmissions in 1926, Lithuanian Radio 2 – 1956. Lithuanian Television commenced its activity in 1957, and in 2003 Lithuanian Radio and Television launched it’s second TV channel LTV2.

Owners/shareholders: Lithuanian state

Profile: mainly information and politics


Circulation (newspaper):

Viewing share (TV): 36% (3rd in the ranks)

Audience share (radio): 20% (1st in the ranks)


Notable journalists: Algimantas Čekuolis, Virginijus Savukynas, Edmundas Jakilaitis, Rūta Miliūtė.

Notable facts: LRT stood against a severe test, when on 13 January 1991 the KGB squads occupied LRT premises and Vilnius television tower, which remained in their power for 222 days.

Employees: 577


Official website: