168 Óra – Left-liberal weekly magazine mainly dealing with public affairs.

Barikád – Radical, far-right weekly magazine. The publisher of the magazine is Magyar Hírek Kft. which is partially owned by Gábor Vona, the leader of Jobbik. The editor-in-cheif is Sándor Pörzse, party-member of Jobbik. Published in 10 000 copies.

Heti Válasz – Moderately conservative weekly published in 20 000 copies. The magazine covers news on politics, economy and culture, and has a conservative stance. Has an online version, also in English.

Heti Világgazdaság (HVG) – Often referred as the leading weekly in the political, economical and cultural sphere. HVG boasts a circulation of 140 000 and a readership of more than 500 000. Also has an online version, which has its own editorial stuff.

Magyar Hírlap – Daily newspaper owned by oligarch Gábor Széles. It is known as a supporter of political parties of Hungary with conservative and traditional values, whereas it was formerly known for a liberal stance. The newspaper faced sharp criticism for allowing anti-Semitic content in its printed paper as well as on its webpage. One of its publicists, Zsolt Bayer was one of the leading figures in the pro-government march held in January 2012 in Budapest.

Magyar Narancs – A weekly liberal magazine with a strong satiric tone, read by 20 000 people. It has a great effect on the Hungarian liberal-libertarian intellectual society. It includes articles mainly on politicsculture and sociology.

Magyar Nemzet – One of the major daily newspapers in Hungary. The paper is regarded as part of conservative media. The newspaper is considered to be close to Fidesz and Viktor Orbán. Its editorials often speak out against the socialist and liberal parties. Its major rival is Népszabadság which is mostly supported by left-wing parties.

Napi Gazdaság – A daily newspaper which is mainly focusing on financial and business news. Owned by an economic think tank and research center Századvég Gazdaságkutató which is linked to Fidesz. The daily provides mostly financial news and is one of the two business newspapers in the country.

Népszabadság – A major left-leaning Hungarian daily, the rival of Magyar Nemzet. The paper is mostly owned by foreign media interests (Ringier) although the Szabad Sajtó Foundation, created by the MSZP party, owns 26.7% of its shares. In 2013, 46 000 colour copies were circulated.