Minister Mihály Varga submitted draft tax regime changes to Parliament; telecom the tax would be extended to Internet services

24.10.2014 | By Kovács András

The new tax would be proportionate to data traffic, with each gigabyte costing from 150 forints. The subject of the tax would be the internet provider.

According to Péter Banai, the state secretary for budget issues, the Internet tax is estimated to generate HUF 20 billion for the budget. The main target of this new tax is the Magyar Telekom, who was also paying special “sectorial” taxes in the last years. Magyar Telekom’s share price dropped 0,6% after the announcement of the new tax plan.

The tax also generated a common outrage amongst Hungarian Internet users. The Facebook group “Százezren az internetadó ellen” (Hundred thousand against the Internet tax) was formed yesterday, now it has more than a hundred and two thousand likes. Several protests were also announced on the social networking site.

Picture: Wikimedia