Czechoslovakia as the ideal democracy?

21.07.2015 | By Łukasz Kołtuniak


            Does something like Czech spirit really exist? In Poland many people who are not very knowleadgable in Czech culture, history, philosophy identified Czech people with the banality. What is interesting the notion of Shveik nation seem to be popular not only in Poland but even between the Prague’s elites. However on my blog I will be try to show you the other image of Czech identity. I try to show you the nation of Masaryk, Havel and good films. Not exactly the Czech films. Not in the Polish meaning of this words.

            What is the most important period in Czech history?. In my personally opinion it is the middle-wars period. I know that some Czech friends are not fully agree with me. But first some short word about contenmporary reality. In Poland authoritarian elite  dreamed about Poland from sea to sea.  On Hungary democracy was also banned by Horthy regime. In this period Poland besides of all it’s success was the example of poverty and misery. And also social disproportions. In Czech Republic democracy was the key notion of politcal discourse. In oppositon to Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria. Soviet Union, Greece or Itally. Even Western world. And Germany. Obviously

            But contenmporary Russian’s elites also say many about democracy. European too. However the First Czechoslovak Republic was the state than democracy was more than empty word. I know that it was difficult period for Czech-Slovak relations. I would’t like deliberate over the issue who have right in Czech-Slovak politcal conflict. But what play in favour of Czech’s elite? It was policy of „mission of modernization of Slovakia” but not exactly imperialism unless cultural imperialism. I know Slovakian people can better solve their own problem than the Czech guests. But the main Czech idea in Slovak’s policy was rather democratic idealism than agressive imperialism.

            But what is the most intersting in Czechoslovak history of that time is the social justice and equality of that state. It was not only one of the richest country in the Europe but one from the most socially fair.

            Masaryk’s state wasn’t state of philosophers. Such state wouldn’t have been chance of exist in this time in this place in Europe. It was Masaryk who established that state. It is fact. But Masaryk wasn’t Platonist philosopher. It was the politic from flesh and blood. Politic who build democratic welfare state. 20 years before Adenaur or De Gasperi. Without Holocaust’s trauma. It was the Czech contribution to the world history. Unquestioned.

            In the next article I present you Karel Capek. Legendary Czech writer….and one from the First Czechoslovak Republic creator.

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Łukasz Kołtuniak

Legal counsel trainee, PhD student at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Jagiellonian University, interested in Eastern and Central Europe and political philosophy.