“Rheinische Post”: Moldova is in danger of becoming another Ukraine

31.01.2015 | By Roman Oeschger

In the shadow of the Ukraine crisis there is raising another field of tension which is not so much attracting attention but which can further worsen geopolitical confrontation within Europe – the case of Moldova. Gregor Mayntz’s article from “Rheinische Post” takes a look at it from a German point of view. Here is a summary:

In Moldova, there are disputes between pro-Russian and pro-European parties. In the last parliament elections in 2014, a pro-European coalition could win the elections and could therefore continue to implement the EU Association Agreement (AA) which recently came in to effect. Pro-Russian parties in Moldova speak about manipulation of the elections. But the “Deutsche Bundesregierung,” based on a provisional OSCE evaluation, calls the elections as “well organized and peaceful.” Nevertheless, it is also aware of some critical aspects of the elections. Furthermore, Germany has to face Russian economic harassments of Moldova. According to the German federal government “this is not acceptable.” As a consequence, Germany offers Moldova better access to the EU market as an alternative and intensifies support in different programmes between the EU and Moldova. The opposition party “Die Linke” is upset about this policy and reproaches the government for “increasing the danger of war…this kind of German policy must be stopped right now.”




picture: gov.md

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