Slovakia: Fico as assertive as his predecessor

28.06.2015 | By Łukasz Kołtuniak

In 2012 the Slovakian government of Iveta Radicova was dissmissed because it lost the parliamentary majority during the voting in the issue of aid package for Greece. That time Fico’s Smer voting abstain so as to by contributing to Radicova fall; return to power (contenmpoprary exit polls gave the Smer the absolutely majority in the new parliament that exit polls would confirm in the elections results).

However the contenmporary ruler of Slovakia have not only economical problem with Greek crisis. In the beginning of the last decade the image of Slovakia in EU was similar to Kuchma’s Ukraine. Populistic and authoritarian regime of Vladimir Meciar seemed to create rather the bastion of post-communism than modern Middle European state making necessery reforms. The period between 1998 and 2006 was the time of changes but for the price of sacrifies from the side of society.

Fico build his popularity on the negation of the sense of these reform. But for big part of society these reforms that making possible transition from the bastion of post communism to Central European „tiger” is the reason to be proud.

What Slovak transition have in common with Greek crisis. Slovakian people think We have to do reforms for the prize of sacrifises we transist our economy honesty and without foreign aid and firstly without running up debts. Moreover, we are still pooerer country than Greece. But we are honest and we hardly working on our success. Why we have to help irresponsible Athens. This was the statement of Radicova government towards the danger of the Greek exit.

But Fico build image of the Smer as the social democratic party of „third road”. Similar to Syriza he try to fight with neoliberalism and expectation of sacrifised from the international financial institution. However he has one advantage. He has possibility to be social democrat in the state with healthy economy. In addition in his second term (since 2012 from the present) Fico try to lead the reasonable policy base on joining the leftish sensibility with principles of freedom market. To be fair his first term was also rather continuation than negation of the predecessors reform. So we can say that Fico is „the reasonable social democrat”. Probably opposite to Tsipras…..

Finally Fico refuse support to his social democratic counterpart. He choose the accordance with the mood of Slovakia society. And the accordance with Slovak national interest. He said We are sincery openly to aid for Greece. But precedens is excluded. Greek have to do necessery reforms. It sounds reasonable.

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Łukasz Kołtuniak

Legal counsel trainee, PhD student at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Jagiellonian University, interested in Eastern and Central Europe and political philosophy