The dinosaurs exist in the Czech Republic

30.06.2015 | By Łukasz Kołtuniak

The question about origin of the Middle Europe social democracy don’t belongs to the most difficult question in politcal issue. However  the Czech example is totally different.

            Czech communist party doesn’t transist into social democracy. It was the subject of discussion between former aparatchik but the final answer was no. So since the beginning of the transition in Czech politcal scene has existed strong and influential communist party.

            But does is the Brezhniev- type party? Such opinion is popular in the analyses of programme of KSCM. However when we look into the contenmporary programme of KSCM we could observe the large amount of differences between classical Marksist formacy and contenmporary Czech communist.

            The KSCM underline that they is left wing party attach to the Marskist tradition and tradition of the liberation leftish movement. Party is open on collaboration with all democratic and leftish movement ready to fight with neoliberalism and nationalism. However KSCM is not red but green-red party. We aren’t unchangeable. We estimated  our past sincery. From this past we are taken only positive sides.

            The contenmporary programme of KSCM is the effect of „long march”. Even in the middle of the last decade it was party rather in the type of „classical” former monoparty only without characteristic monoparty’s influence on political living. However the change of image is connected with the leadership of Vojtech Filip. His leadership mean the beginning of the pivot to the new-leftish orientation. KSCM gave way from the more radical economical postulates including totally nationalization. Filip as reasonable politic has consious that the harder post-communist voters are susceptible on the biological process. So the opening on the radical leftish youth was the only solution to „die out process” in the party. For that reason the new programme of KSCM including the sexual, ecological and economical postulates of the radical leftish movement.

            But how sincery is the opening of the new chapter in KSCM history?. Probably the old communist guard aren’t able to propose the better solution. If KSCM doesn’t formulate new ideas the CSSD will totally dominate left part of the scene. From the other hander the scenario in which other party even CSSD will formulate openly coalition with KSCM is rather excluded. The unwritten agreement; no coalition with KSCM is still valid besides CSSD declaration about parliamentary coalition. If KSCM would like ruling in the future should getting it’s programme closer to CSSD. It is the only chance on return to power. After nearly 30 years in opposition………….

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Łukasz Kołtuniak

Legal counsel trainee, PhD student at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Jagiellonian University, interested in Eastern and Central Europe and political philosophy