HDSSB – Hrvatski demokratski savez Slavonije i Baranje


Croatian Democratic Alliance of Slavonia and Baranja (Hrvatski demokratski savez Slavonije i Baranje, HDSSB)
– date of foundation: 6th May 2006

– leaders: Vladimir Sisljagic

– ideology: slavonian regionalism, national conservatism

– international affiliation: none

– political group in EP: none

– election results:

National assembly:

Election Total won seats Percentage
November 2007 3/153 1,9%
December 2011 6/151 3,97%

European Parliament – 2014: none


Regional party with strong support in Slavionia. They have conservative political views. Though, they are right wing conservative party, they are not in good relations with HDZ. Also, they are not oriented only on Slavonia, they are trying to give political solutions for the all national questions (in comparison IDS is more regionally oriented than HDSSB).This party defines itself as eurorealist.