Tėvynės Sąjunga-Lietuvos Krikščionys Demokratai


After the 2000 Parliamentary election the Homeland Union faced an existential crisis. In order to reignite itself it started to merge with various right political groups. The latest and biggest merger took place in 2008 with the Christian Democrats. However, this came at the expense of party coherence. The conservatives are split into two camps – conservatives and Christian Democrats – which disagree on all major policy issues.

English name: Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats

Abbreviation: TS-LKD

Leader: Andrius Kubilius

Ideology (general): centre right

Ideology (EU integration): Pro-EU

Foundation date: 1st of May, 1993.


Status: opposition

Seimas members: 33/141

EU Parliament members: 2

EU Parliament group: European People’s Party

Recent elections’ results:

                2014 European Parliament election: 17,43%

                2014  presidential election: no candidate, supported Dalia Grybauskaitė.

2012 parliamentary election : 15,06%%

                2011 local elections: 16,32%

Support (recent surveys): 11,5% (Delfi.lt)

No. of members: 16413

Official website: www.tsajunga.lt