Hrvatski laburisti – Stranka rada


Croatian Labourists – Labour Party (Hrvatski laburisti – Stranka rada)


– date of foundation: 31st March 2010

– leaders: Nansi Tireli

– ideology: democratic socialism

– international affiliation: none?

– political group in EP: European United Left–Nordic Green Left
– election results:

National assembly:

Election Total won seats Percentage
December 2011 6/151 3,97%

European Parliament – 2014: none


This party achieved great success in the 2011 elections. This was the result of their anti-corruption platform. However, the results of the European election in 2014 have shown that they lack a stable voting body. This party is very critical towards the EU and argues in favor of reforming the Union in order to make it more democratic and more socially aware.

They are relatively new party formed to fight for workers and to give them more rights and raises. However, they have very populist ideas and they do not give some feasible solutions to problems. When they formed up their popularity was growing because workers thought that they will fight for their rights, however today a lot of people are disappointing of them which resulted in “losing EU elections” (they expected at least one seat, but they do not get one). After that their president Dragutin Lesar resigned.