HSP – Hrvatska stranka prava


HSP (Hrvatska stranka prava, Crpatian Party of Rights)


Foundation: 1990

Leader: Daniel Srb

Ideology: Croatian nationalism, eurosceptisism

International affiliation: none

Political group in European Parliament: Euronat

Election results: none (0/151 seats in Sabor)


HSP is right oriented party with conservative views but they are not so nationalist and conservative like HSP dr. Ante Starcevic. It is said that they are “more right than HDZ but less right than HSP dr. Ante Starcevic”. They do not have big support now, but they have rich history and latest predictions say, that they could get some seats on the future elections. This is because they are in new coalition called “Savez za Hrvatsku” or “Alliance for Croatia”, which is coalition between right and ultra right oriented parties. From popular parties in that alliance are HDSSB and HSP. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/hr/archive/4/40/20140317141619!Savez-za-hrvatsku.jpg