Lietuvos Lenkų Rinkimų Akcija


For a long time Electoral Action of Lithuanian Poles was a marginal political force. However, since 2008 was increasing its influence on the national political scene. In 2012 it got a record 8 seats in parliament and until autumn 2012 was part of the ruling coalition. However, the party’s rude behaviour and aggressive rhetoric has damaged its reputation and increased ethnic tensions in Lithuanian society. Moreover, the party increased its influence by attracting Russian voters with pro-Russian actions and rhetoric. Some believe that this happens not without cooperation with Russia.

English name: Electoral Action of Lithuanian Poles.

Abbreviation: LLRA.

Leader: Waldemar Tomaszewski

Ideology (general): populist-conservative, focus on national minorities

Ideology (EU integration): neutral

Foundation date: 21st of October, 1994.


Status: opposition

Seimas members: 8/141

EU Parliament members: 1

EU Parliament group: European Conservatists and Reformists

Recent elections’ results:

                2014 European Parliament election: 8,05%

                2014 presidential election: Waldemar Tomaszewski (first round) 4,29%

2012 parliamentary election : 5,83%

                2011 local elections: 4%

No. of members: 1280

Official website: