Lietuvos Socialdemokratų Partija


The Social Democratic Party of Lithuania became a major force in Lithuanian politics after it had merged with ex-communists in 1996. For a very long time it was dominated by Soviet Lithuania’s leader and Lithuania’s ex-president Algirdas Mykolas Brazaukas. However, after his departure in 2006 the party has been weakened by internal political infighting over the leadership of the party. As a result, it lacks ideological coherence and its policies often favour the status quo.

English name: Social Democratic Party of Lithuania

Abbreviation: LSDP

Leader: Algirdas Butkevičius

Ideology (general): centre left

Ideology (EU integration): Pro-EU

Foundation date: 1st of May, 1896.


Status: Ruling coalition

Seimas members: 37/141

EU Parliament members: 2

EU Parliament group: European Socialist Party


Recent elections’ results:

                2014 European Parliament election: 17,26%

2014  presidential election (Zigmantas Balčytis): 13,62% (first round), 40,10% (second round)

2012 parliamentary election : 18,38%%

2011 local elections: 21,49%

Support (recent surveys): 21,6% (

No. of members: 17032


Official website: