National Liberal Party


National Liberal Party

Ideology: liberalism

European Parliament group: Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe

Parliament members (2012-):  119/588

European Parliament members ( 2014-): 6/32

  • Norica Nicolai
  • Renate Weber
  • Adina Valean
  • Eduard Hellvig
  • Cristian Busoi
  • Ramona Manescu

Main calls:

The National Liberal Party is one of the oldest political parties in Romania, being founded in 1875. Being outlawed during the communist period it was revived after the Romanian Revolution of 1989. Since then it has seen many divisions and secessions. It has been a part of the Romanian Democratic Convention, a political union that governed Romania from 1996 until 2000. In 2004 it won the parliamentary election as part of an alliance with the Democratic Party, under the name of the Justice and Truth Alliance. Later, in 2012 it was part of the Social Liberal Union that won the parliamentary election.

In early 2014, after Victor Ponta, the head of the Social Democratic Party and the prime-minister of Romania refused to name a member of the National Liberal Party as a deputy prime-minister the Liberals left the government and joined the opposition. The current head of the party is Klaus Iohannis.