OraH – Održivi razvoj Hrvatske


OraH (Održivi razvoj Hrvatske)


Foundation: 20.10.2013.

Leader: Mirela Holy

Ideology: left-center, green party

International Affiliation: none

Political groups in EP: EGP – European Green Party

Election results: none

National asembly: none

Euroepan Parliament: 9,42 % (1 seat)


ORaH has emerged as the third political party in Croatia after a very short existence. The recent data shows that it enjoys the support of 15.1%. This was confirm by the results of the EU elections (they got 1 seat). The main program of the party was inspired by the platform of the European Green Party.

The leader is Mirela Holy, former minister of environmental protection and nature (she was in SDP before). This party is left-wing with very liberal political views. They are for ecology, sustainable development, decriminalization of marijuana, etc. and because of that they have growing support from left-oriented liberal voters and young voters. They have also growing support from disappointed SDP voters.