Tvarka ir Teisingumas


The party was formed as a new liberal political block. However, it has always been dominated by one person – the impeached president Rolandas Paksas. And since his impeachment in 2004, the party has struggled to gain popularity. Moreover, over time it has become more radical: it has become more nationalist, sometimes fascist, with pro-Russia inclinations. Recently, some party leaders have been trying to reignite the party by sidelining Rolandas Paksas.

English name: Order and Justice

Abbreviation: TT

Leader: Rolandas Paksas

Ideology (general): populist-nationalist,

Ideology (EU integration): anti-EU

Foundation date: 9th of March, 2002.


Status: ruling coalition

Seimas members: 11/141

EU Parliament members: 2

EU Parliament group: Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy


Recent elections’ results:

                2014 European Parliament election: 14,25%

2014 presidential election: no candidate.

2012 parliamentary election : 7,31%

2011 local elections: 10,16%

Support (recent surveys): 13,5% (


Official website: