Research assistant in the Department of European Studies at the Cracow University of Economics, Head of the Jagiellonian Club. Professional experience in European and Foreign Policy as well as Public Administration (internships at the European Parliament, EU Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland and the Polish Embassy in Germany).

Marcin Kędzierski

Chief editor

Energy research professional, academic teacher and project manager. Relevant experience acquired working with Tischner European University Centre for Energy Studies. Head of the International Department of the Jagiellonian Club and the coordinator of the Visegrad Plus project. Research interests: energy security, energy transformation, megaprojects and foreign policy.

Konrad Szpak

Project Coordinator

Political scientist (PhD), teaches politics and public policy at the Jesuit University of Cracow, formerly a research fellow at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw and dean of the Political Studies Faculty, WSB-National-Louis Univeristy in Nowy Sącz. As a policy expert he worked for the Mayor of Cracow, think-tank The Windsor Group and Prime Minister’s Chancellery administration reform unit. Research interests: policy-making in Central Europe, public administration, constitutionalism.

Artur Wołek

Head of the Scientific Council

Member of the Jagiellonian Club. Alumni of Tischner European University and Jagiellonian University (political science), scholarship holder at the University of Helsinki. Main interests: energy security & markets, Polish (foreign) policy and geopolitics.

Bartosz Bieliszczuk



Graduated in history at the Pedagogical University of Cracow and international relations at the Jagiellonian University. Postgraduate studies at the University of Mining and Metallurgy in Cracow - Oil and Gas Management. Postgraduate studies at the Tischner European University in Krakow – Multimedia, journalism, social networking. Journalist for the information web portal about shale gas- gazł Member of the expert team on European Union at the Jagiellonian Club. Research interests: energy security, former Yugoslavian countries.

Bartłomiej Sawicki



Student of International Relations at Cracow University of Economics. Interested in history and culture of Japan. Speaks Polish, English and French.

Mateusz Buczek


Bachelor’s degree in International Relations at Cracow University of Economics, intern in the Małopolska Institute of Local Government and Administration, volunteer in Civil Initiatives Development Centre, participant in international training courses (Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany), project coordinator and member of the board of a student research circle. Speaks Polish (native), English and Czech (basic).

Anna Herman

Agata Łukaszewicz

Student of national security at Jagiellonian University. Interested in internal security of countries, history of the Balkans and Latin America. Believer in lofty ideas.

Agata Łukasiewicz

Zrzut ekranu 2015-03-29 (godz. 11.57.56 PM)

Master's degree in International Relations at the Jagiellonian University. Currently a student of French Philology at the Jagiellonian University. Interested in history, particularly the Cold War era.

Przemysław Maciejasz


MA student at Jagiellonian University in Krakow - European Studies with specialization in Central and Eastern Europe. The fields of interests include international politics and political economy. Speaks Slovak, Czech, English and Polish.

Michal Manin


Student of Romanian Philology at Jagiellonian University in Krakow. On one hand interested in travelling, studying languages and different cultures, theatre, literature and ethnology, on the other hand - engaged in NGOs dealing with issues of aid, human rights, social policy and ethics. Speaks Polish, English, Romanian, Spanish and basic Russian

Ewa Ołdakowska


Student of International Relations at Cracow University of Economics with specialization Eastern Studies. Member of the Jagiellonian Club and OSOM Nowy Sącz. Interested in foreign and domestic policy of Poland and China.

Mariola Śmietana

Master’s degree in international relations (Jagiellonian University) bachelor in social policy (Jagiellonian University) and international relations (Tischner European University). Analysts in Diplomacy and Politics Foundation. Speaks Polish, English and Spanish.

Bartosz Światłowski


Student of International Relations at University of Economics. Interested in history and Balkan culture. Speaks Polish (native), English, French and Russian (basic).

Katarzyna Wyżga



Student of MA in European Studies (specialization on Central and Eastern European Studies) at the Jagiellonian University. Undergrad degree holder of Central European Studies and Slavonic Studies (Polish language). Special research interest in Central-Eastern European countries' relations with Latin-American countries. Fields of interest: democracy, soft-power, human rights, society and culture.

Enikő Szabó




He completed his BSc studies at the University of Warwick and holds an MA in international relations from the Institute of International Relations and Political Science at Vilnius University. He has been involved in Polish-Lithuanian academic and civic activity. Professional experience at the Eastern Europe Studies Centre (Vilnius) and Centre for Eastern Studies (Warsaw). Research interests are Russia’s foreign policy and domestic politics, Belarus’s foreign policy and domestic politics, Poland’s foreign policy.

Marijuš Antonovič (Mariusz Antonowicz)


PhD candidate in political science. Masters degree in European Studies (Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland) and in Russian, Central and East European Studies (University of Glasgow, United Kingdom). Professional experience as program coordinator of YFU Bulgaria (international student exchange) and as a journalist intern at BG Daily News. Speaks Bulgarian, German, English, Russian and Polish.

Petar Bankov

Maria Beres

Project coordinator at the Institute of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Budapest, Hungary; International Relations MA student at Pázmány Péter Catholic University (Hungary). Professional experience: intern at Central European Service for Cross-Border Initiatives (Hungary); intern at Forum Minority Research Institute (Slovakia); intern at Research Institute of National Policy (Hungary).

Mária Béresová


PhD candidate at Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Social Sciences. Master Degrees in Public Policy and in Security Studies. Professional experience: researcher at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland; cooperation with IOM Prague. Speaks Czech, English, German and Russian.

Vera-Karin Brazova


Manager at 'C&I' LTD Company, master’s degree in Human Resources at Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, organizer at English Club 'Speak Up', expert in Human Resources, Migration and Rural Employment. Professional experience: Scientific researcher at Information Society Development Institute, Consultant in Human Resources at Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova.

Irina Ciubotaru


Teacher of English at EnglishforYou and trainer at the English Club Speak Up; translator/interpreter at OSCE Mission to Moldova and at OLGIUM Ltd; expert in prevention and combating human trafficking and domestic violence, expert in human rights; project coordinator at “Step by Step, we go a long way”, Youth in Action program. Professional experience: freelance copywriter, content/PR writer, reviewer/editor, sales manager at Dekart, former EVS on active European citizenship and youth policies. BA in philology, modern and classic languages, master degree in modern languages – translator (English-Romanian, Romanian-English).

Ludmila Covalciuc


Deputy Editor-in-Chief at news portal Finishing Master’s Degree in Balkan, Eurasian and Central European Studies at the Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Social Sciences. Speaks Czech, English, Russian and Polish.

Adéla Denková


Young scholar and researcher in the field of new media devices and the Middle East. Journalist at OrientPress New Agency in Budapest, Hungary. Currently, living in Istanbul, doing her MA thesis about the new media devices' role in the Turkish politics.

Eszter Hajdú


Student at the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb. Was an exchange student at Warsaw School of Economics for one semester. Obtained bachelor's degree in computing at the Polytechnic of Zagreb. Journalist at Manager Magazine. Interested in international relations, new technologies and project management.

Andrej Hanzir


Student of International Area Studies at the Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Social Sciences. Speaks English and Russian.

Daniel Houška


PhD candidate at the Faculty of Political Science, Department for International Relations and European Studies, University of Belgrade. She finished MA studies at Faculty of Political Science, Belgrade University, department of European Integrations. During her Master studies, she attended an internship program at the Belgrade Center for Security Policy, and had an internship at the People’s Office of the President of the Republic of Serbia. The fields of interest of Mss. Jovanovic includes: EU citizenship and internal security; EU multiculturalism, migration and asylum policies; regional communities and EU enlargement policy.

Ivana Jovanovic

Project manager at “ESTEP Vilnius” (EU structural support evaluation, public policy analysis), junior researcher at the Institute of International Relations and Political Science in Vilnius University, independent researcher in energy politics and Baltic-Russian relations. Holds MA in comparative politics. Interested in Lithuanian-Polish relations, Managing Director (CEO) of Jerzy Giedroyc Dialogue and Cooperation Forum in Vilnius, Lithuania. Professional experience in Jagiellonian Club (Cracow), Vilnius University (Vilnius), Lithuanian Parliament (Vilnius).

Sabina Karmazinaitė


Legal counsel trainee, PhD student at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Jagiellonian University, interested in Eastern and Central Europe and political philosophy

Łukasz Kołtuniak


Graduated from the Faculty of International and Political studies at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, mainly focusing on Diplomacy and Development studies. Research interests: theories of social justice, social inequalities, immigration.

Matúš Kontšek

Bachelor degree in International Studies at Eötvös Loránd University, member of Mathias Corvinus Collegium (Central Europe Special Track). His fields of interest are majority-minority relations, Central European history and politics and West African politics

Andras Kovacs


Political scientist, activist and commentator. Vice-President of the Institute for Democracy Standards in Warsaw - a think-tank focused on issues of political culture and ethics. He graduated from the Department of Political Economy at King's College in London and is now a Master's student at the Department of International History at London School of Economics. Former President of the United Nations Association - Poland and an advisor to the Polish Minister of Interior. Research interests: history of modern European democracies, EU-Russia relations, energy policy.

Adam Malczak


Intern at the DG Enlargement. Master’s Degree in Political Science (Zagreb), European Studies (Krakow) and Russian, Central and East European studies (Glasgow). Professional experience: intern at Centre for Political and Legal Reform (Kiev); intern at European Movement (Brussels) and GONG (Zagreb). Speaks Croatian, English and Russian.

Katarina Muše


Teacher of physics, scientific degree, Polytechnic College from Bălți, expert in prevention and combating human trafficking, expert in gender policies, employment and entrepreneurship, project manager in combating domestic violence as part of the OSCE Mission to Moldova, president of PA “The Honour and Right of the Contemporary Woman”. Professional experience: entrepreneur, assistant lecturer at the Alecu Russo State University of Bălţi, engineer at the Research Institute RIF in the shipbuilding industry, ex-counselor at Bălţi Municipality.

Olga Patlati


PhD student of political science at the University of Wroclaw and a student of National Security at Military Academy of Land Forces. He's concerned with issues of the Eastern Partnership and Visegrad Group (especially Slovakia) and interested in armaments policy and international security. He's dealing with issues of political marketing and social media and their role in politics and diplomacy. He coordinated lots of projects and had an internship in the Polish embassy in Slovakia.

Kamil Pluta

Education: International Relations Expert, BA (International Business School Budapest), BA in International Business Relations (Oxford Brookes University), MSc in Politics and Communication (London School of Economics and Political Science), Semester abroad: Harvard University, Mid Sweden University. Work experience: Trainee at the European Central Bank (1 year), Programme Coordinator at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy Berlin (7 months), PR assistant at Saatchi Budapest (1 year). Languages: Hungarian (native), English (fluent), Slovak (advanced), German (intermediate), Czech (passive).

Orsolya Raczova


PhD candidate at the Faculty of Political Science, Department of International Relations and European Studies, University of Belgrade. She received an MA degree at the Central European University, department of International Relations and European Studies. After graduation Mrs. Ruzic attended a fellowship program at the RC of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association where she conducted research on conflict resolution in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She also gained professional experience while working at the Belgrade Center for Security Policy and Faculty of Political Sciences. Mrs. Ruzic’s fields of interest are Strategic and Critical Security Studies, with the emphasis on Copenhagen School of Security Studies, peace and conflict resolution studies.

Maja Ruzic


Student of the University of Science and Technology (AGH) in Kraków on Department of Mining Surveying and Environmental Engineering. Speaks Polish (native), Slovak (fluent), Czech (intermediate), English (intermediate). Interested in travelling, learning foreign languages and reading good European literature.

Bartosz Sala

Co-founder of the the Insaniyat Initiative, a non-profit think-and-action tank, based in Prague. Formerly VP for External Relations & Development at Anglo-American University. Hrishabh is a writer, moderator and societal innovator. Hrishabh is passionate about his work on India, South Asia and Urbanity and lectures at universities in India and Europe. Born and raised in Bombay he received his undergraduate degree at the University of Mumbai, before proceeding onto a Master's and a Doctorate in Politics & American Studies at Charles University in Prague. Hrishabh is a bilingual English & Hindi speaker who also speaks Czech. Outside the office and when he is not travelling, Hrishabh can be found riding his bicycle across Prague, taking advantage of the myriad cultural activities on offer and contributing to the discourse with his passion for culinary, musical and literary endeavours.

Hrishabh Sandilya

Master degree in Trade (Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb), participant of CEEPUS Programme- study stay at University of Economics Bratislava, experience in team leading and international projects, student assistant at Department of Trade (Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb), member of Committee on Finance and Budget, Committee of the City Council of the City of Samobor.

Petra Škrobot


Professional translator & interpreter, master degree in English philology (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań) and American studies (Jagiellonian University). Scholarship holder at University of Rochester (The United States). Currently working for a major US corporation.

Joanna 'Asia' Słowińska


Master’s degrees in Economics at Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest, Romania and Engineering at Polytechnics University of Bucharest, specialist in competition and state aid. Professional experience in Central Public Administration: competition inspector at Romanian Competition Council, expert at Ministry of Finance of Romania. Currently living in Krakow and getting acquainted with the Polish language and culture.

Oana Stanciu


Studied Czech Language and Literature (University of Belgrade) and European Studies - specialization in Central and Eastern Europe (Jagiellonian University); Professional experience: translator (Czech-Serbian; Serbian-Czech); intern in Villa Decius Association (Krakow). Interested in party systems in Central European countries, Europeanization of political parties, foreign policy of the countries of Visegrad region.

Nevena Stokanić


Student of both Romanian and French Philology at Jagiellonian University. Currently working at Museum of Contemporary Art in Cracow. A freelance translator and hyperpolyglot-wannabe. On one hand passionate about literature, art and Balkan spirit, on the other hand – interested in international politics and diplomacy. So far speaking English, French, Romanian and Polish (native).

Nadia Urban

Employed as junior researcher and teaching assistant for the field of constitutional law and human rights at the School of Advanced Social Studies in Nova Gorica. He is working on his PhD thesis on the integration of immigrants into Slovenian society. He obtained both his LL.B degree and LL.M degree in minority law from the European Faculty of Law in Nova Gorica. During his studies, he was a trainee in the European Parliament (2009), a journalist for the Klagenfurt-based newspaper Nedelja (2010–2012) and a correspondent from Argentina for the portal (2011). From September 2012 to April 2013, he worked as a coordinator of an European project and an assistant at the Graduate School of Government and European Studies in Kranj and between May and October 2013 he was employed as an adviser in the legal service of the Slovenian Environment Agency. He is the author of several discussion and research articles. He is interested in human rights law, (comparative) constitutional law, international law, EU law, cultural and political sociology, public policies and political systems. His research is primarily based on minority law, minority and migration policies, the status of the Slovenian minorities in the neighbouring countries, the status of the Slovenians living abroad and the status of the minorities living in Slovenia.

Dejan Valentinčič

Cristina Voios