Dan Marek and Michael Baun: The Czech Republic and the European Union: The Czech EU Presidency

12.12.2014 | By Michal Manin

The chapter titled “The Czech EU presidency” from Dan Marek and Michael Baun analyses and evaluates the Czech presidency of the European Union in the first half of 2009. According to the authors “the EU presidency … presented the Czech Republic with its most serious challenge since joining the EU. This challenge was magnified by the international crises and domestic political strife that the Czech Republic had to face during its six-month term.”

The chapter discuses the Czech preparations for the EU presidency, communication strategy, setting the presidency priorities and program (that was symbolized by three Es – Economy, Energy, and EU in the world), domestic political instability, and also international political crises that started during the presidency, namely the Israeli incursion into Gaza and the dispute between Russia and Ukraine over natural gas payments that caused sharp drops in supplies to many EU countries.

The chapter concludes with the evaluation of the Czech presidency. Baun and Marek claim that “the Czech EU presidency made only limited progress on its defined priorities.” However, energy security and progress on the Eastern Partnership Initiative were a success in the authors’ opinion .

Dan Marek and Baun Michael (2011) The Czech EU presidency, in: ‘The Czech Republic and the European Union’, Routledge, pp.127-142


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