Dan Marek and Michael Baun: The Czech Republic and the European Union: The Czech Republic as an EU Actor

12.12.2014 | By Michal Manin

The chapter titled “The Czech Republic as an EU Actor”, written by Dan Marek and Michael Baun, answers questions like: what were the major challenges for the Czech Republic on its way to the European Union, or what were the main issues of the Czech foreign and European policy after the accession to the Union?

“As a candidate state, the Czech Republic was forced to accept EU rules and policies that it had no role in making. As a member state, however, the Czech Republic has a formal role in EU institutions and an opportunity to influence the EU decision-making process.” The study examines how state and political actors have adapted to the role of “policy maker” and how the Czech Republic behaves as an EU actor.

In the first part, the article focuses on the Czech representation in all major EU institutions, like the European Commission, the European Parliament, and The Council and European Council. In the second part, the reader finds out more about Czech policy priorities on specific issues. Attention is devoted to enlargement, the Eastern policy, human rights, transatlantic relations and security, and last but not least to Czech stance on The Lisbon Treaty and the EU’s constitutional future.


Dan Marek and Baun Michael (2011) The Czech Republic as an EU actor, in: ‘The Czech Republic and the European Union’, Routledge, pp.108-126